12 June 2017

Springtime on Fells

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Stepping into the Young Green. Brightness. Lightness. The Energy of Youth. Chipmunk chirps. Crawlers here. Flowers there. Flyers in the air. Vernal pools. Mirroring. Secluded birds. Tweeting: I am here. I am here.

Fells: Into the Green

Fells: Chipmunk chirps. Quickly hides. Not to be seen.

Fells: Seems like a Long Trip

Fells: Coming Flowers

Fells: Surprise landing

Fells: Easily missed

Fells: Vernal pools. Mirroring.

Fells: Secluded birds. Tweeting.

Fells: Family Connects

Fells: With Finesse

Fells: Springtime Reflections

Fells: Something There?

Fells: And Here!