30 May 2016

Mystique of the Olympic Coast

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

Rialto Beach on a Misty Day. Vapor from the Ocean all around. In the eyes. In the ears. In the lungs. Olympic Rainforests are in the Air. Birds flying Somewhere. Boundaries about to Disappear. Sounds of the Ocean left behind. Emerging Shadows.

Rialto Beach: On a Misty Day

Rialto Beach: Olympic Rainforests are in the Air

Rialto Beach: The Remnants of Different Times. They call them Sea Stacks.

Rialto Beach: On the Intertidal Rocks

Rialto Beach: Swimming with Tides

Rialto Beach: Birds flying Somewhere

Rialto Beach: Boundaries about to Disappear

Rialto Beach: Emerging Shadows

26 May 2016

Sanding IT close to Home

Crane Beach, Massachusetts

Crane Beach on a cool day. In peace. Seagulls are on their own.

Crane Beach: Behind the Sand Dunes

Crane Beach: In Peace

Crane Beach: Tidal Streams. Imprinted on the Sand.

Crane Beach: Waiting for the High Tide

Crane Beach: Seagulls on their own

Crane Beach: Where the Ocean ends

Crane Beach: Where the Ocean begins

23 May 2016

A Thing or Two about Living

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Canada Goose Family. Enjoying the Peace and Quiet of Fells Reservoir. The Young learning a Thing or Two about Living.

Fells: Enjoying the Peace and Quiet

20 May 2016

In Wompatuck Park

Wompatuck State Park, Massachusetts

In the Park. For the First Time. Crisscrossing forest trails. Ponds. Wet and Dry play their Games. And the Life follows. The Spring is on its Way.

Wompatuck Park: Feels Inviting

Wompatuck Park: The Spring on its Way

Wompatuck Park: Unexpected Attention

Wompatuck Park: Wet and Dry

Wompatuck Park: Lured by Water

Wompatuck Park: Sunny in the Forest

Wompatuck Park: Attracted by Violet

15 May 2016

It is About Rain

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

In the Rainforest. It rains here all the time. Though, it is sunny today. The Ranger tells me I am Lucky. Am I LUCKY ? Or, am I missing Something so Essential to this Forest ?

Hoh Rainforest: Watching !

Hoh Rainforest: Those Three. Born and nursed on the same log.

Hoh Rainforest: Absorbing

Hoh Rainforest: Springs to Life Again

Hoh Rainforest: Thriving in the Understorey

Hoh Rainforest: Finds Its Way Through

Hoh River: Takes the Surpluses to the Ocean

Olympic Coast: And the Ocean brings Them back

Hoh Rainforest: The Texture of Life

Hoh Rainforest: The Past is Present

Hoh Rainforest: Mossing It on the Upper Storeys. With the Help of Branches.

Hoh Rainforest:  Living Together

10 May 2016

Early Spring Day on Fells

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Another rainy day. We are on Fells. It is sipping the way spring rains do. Refreshing the young. With its delicate Touch. I can hear the Touch. I can see the Touch. The colors resonate with IT. Then the Sky begins to open up. The clouds become individuals. The Sun is in its Hide-and-Show Game. Late into the Afternoon.

Fells: It is Raining

Fells: In Flames

Fells: Princely Birth

Fells: Out into the World

Fells: Closer to the Ground

Fells: Higher Up. Looking into the Sky.

Fells: Delicately Suffusing

Fells: Refreshing

Fells: Take a Peek

Fells: Opening Up. The Clouds are Individuals.

Fells: In the Bathtub. The Sun sends its Greetings.

Fells: Ending with the Sun Watching

06 May 2016

Water Pathways

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Recently, people have been complaining of all this rain and cannot wait for the Spring to arrive. Not realizing that the Spring is already Here. The SPRING is WATER. The Life is bursting into Being. And the Life needs Water. So, ENJOY IT !

Fells: Silvery Pathway

Fells: Sliding in a Hurry

Fells: Brushing Over

Fells: In a Colorful Bouncing Play

Fells: On the Descent

Fells: Swirling Around

Fells: Diving into the Bubbly World