31 December 2017

Just keep Dancing

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Today is the last Day of this Year. We Humans like to live by the Calendar. It brings the structure to our lives. And then there are Days. The Days we celebrate. Or Not... Watching this Leaf in the Air. Holding onto the spider-web thread. Dancing with the Wind... Which Day is It?.. Just keep Dancing...

Fresh Pond: Watching...

26 December 2017

In Absolute Equilibrium

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Heron over there. Standing on the log. Close to the Pond's edge. And passers-by. Silently observing... Pjer comes closer... Must be aware. But NOT disturbed... She pulls one leg up. Not a trace of body shift. Beak, Neck, Legs... in Absolute equilibrium... And then... Opens her wings and takes off. My eyes trying to catch up... into Distance...

Fresh Pond: Over there

Fresh Pond: In Absolute Equilibrium

Fresh Pond: Aware

Fresh Pond: And then...

21 December 2017

21 December 2017

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Today is the longest night. The Day I think about the Sun. WHAT IF thoughts come to mind... Recently, I came upon this answer to the question about photosynthesis and the leaf's colors:
Photosynthesis (which literally means “light put together”) is that very elegant chemical process that jump-started life as we know it some 4 billion years ago. So to answer your question, we’ll need a short chemistry lesson. Basically six molecules of water (H2O) plus six molecules of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the presence of light energy produce one molecule of glucose sugar (C6H12O6) and emit six molecules of oxygen (O2) as a by-product. That sugar molecule drives the living world. Animals eat plants, then breathe in oxygen, which is used to metabolize the sugar, releasing the solar energy stored in glucose and giving off carbon dioxide as a by-product. That’s life, in a nutshell...

MICHAEL ELLIS, Bay Nature Magazine

... Yes, indeed. I am the Sun.

Fells: The Day I think about the Sun

Fells: Capturing Sunlight. The Essence of Life.

Fells: Undiluted Energy

Fells: About to Vanish

Fells: What If...

Fells: Into the Night

14 December 2017

In Fantasy World

Lincoln Conservation Land, Concord Conservation Land, Massachusetts

Snow has been falling all night... The Time to come see Nature... Delicate shapes. Undulating and combining. Creating passages. Sparkling in Whiteness... Passing through This World. Composed by Snowflakes. Falling to just the right places... Is it Real? Or a Fantasy? Dissolving behind my steps...

Lincoln: Parallel Tracks. Going.

Lincoln: The Time to come see Nature

Lincoln: In the Moments

Lincoln: When Branches appear alive

Lincoln: And Snowflakes build their Castles

Lincoln: Dressing-up Some

Lincoln: Blown to mist by Others

Lincoln: Texturing the Grassland

Lincoln: In winter attire

Lincoln: Closer to the Moon

Lincoln: And flowering
Lincoln: Sparkling. Descending in shades of magic.
Lincoln: White in Blue

Lincoln: Master Builders

Lincoln: Lichen does not seem to mind

Lincoln: Nor does the Pine

Lincoln: But this Human cares

Lincoln: Bouncing into the Air. Vivacious laughter.

Lincoln: And Free!

08 December 2017


Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Cool Late-Autumn day. Cloud exhibits up the Sky. Dry leaves all around. The Colors. The Sounds. All Leaves... Trees are ready for the winter. Not much green remains. Excepting vigorous mosses... Mosses do not care about seasons. All they care about is moisture. Any moist day will turn them green. Bringing liveliness into the sleepy forest... Not ALL else might be asleep. Sometimes, the life comes about unannounced...

Fells: Late Autumn

Fells: With Rocks

Fells: And Mosses

Fells: Cloud exhibits up the Sky

Fells: Not All is asleep

Fells: Unannounced

Fells: With Vigor

Fells: And Pride

Fells: Probing the trunk. Not sure how the Lichen feels about.

Fells: And the Sun. Always Here.

05 December 2017

White Hoods on the Show

Black's Nook, Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Hooded Mergansers on Black's Nook. At this Time of the Year? With frosty signs all over. Gliding around the Pond. White Hoods on the Show... I focus on the One. And then He vanishes... diving... waiting... then reappears... until the next dive... putting me in jocular mood... The Frost comes to mind... They must be on their way to the South. Maybe the last time I see them Here. Have a safe trip Guys!

Black's Nook: White Hood on the Show

01 December 2017

On Her Way

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Morning Frost. Sparkling along the way. The Winter is coming.

Fresh Pond: "The eye rests with equal delight on what is not leaf and on what is leaf." H.D.Thoreau

Fresh Pond: Still Green

Fresh Pond: And the Sun

Fresh Pond: Embracing