28 April 2016

The Joy of a Jump

Mount Rainier National Park

Water is ever-present in the Park. Favoring the easiest path down. Without having to push its way against. If it meets Steep or Hard, IT Jumps Over. Flying in millions joyous particles. Sparkling and hopping and swooshing and bouncing. Again and Again. I watch and feel the joy passing on to me.

Narada Falls: Taking the shortest path

Narada Falls: Flying in Millions

Narada Falls: Jumping Over

Narada Falls: Carrying the Sun along

Ohanapecosh River: Swooshing over Rocks

Ohanapecosh River: The easiest Way

Ohanapecosh River: Coming through in Style

Van Trump Falls: Give-and-Take

23 April 2016

Paying a visit to Marmots

Summerland Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

On the Summerland Trail. Going slowly through the Forest. Not to miss the Moment. Now on the steep uphill. The switchbacks make it easier. Tacoma in view at any angle. Reaching the Summerland Meadows. The Home of Marmots. Finally, I get to meet them!

Summerland Trail: Through the Forest

Summerland Trail: In the Company of Trees

Summerland Trail: Change of Color. Life and Death. All in One.

Summerland Trail: Colored with Berries. The Waterfall lurking Behind.

Summerland Trail: Crossing Fryingpan Creek

Summerland Trail: On the Ascent. Fryingpan Creek below.

Summerland Trail: Upward to the World of Glaciers

Summerland Trail: Little Tahoma Peak in View

Summerland: Reaching the Summerland Meadows. The Home of Marmots.

Summerland: Water is Timeless Here

Summerland: There She Is! Looking at Me!

Summerland Trail: On the Descent. The Berries take Front Seats.

Summerland Trail: Back to the Forest

Summerland Trail: In Unison

13 April 2016

Flowers in Paradise

Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park

I am in Paradise. Surrounded by flowers. And remember Chuang-tzu and his Butterfly Story:
Once upon a time I, Chuang-chou, dreamed that I was a butterfly, a butterfly flying about, enjoying itself. I did not know that it was Chuang-chou. Suddenly I awoke, and veritably was Chuang-chou again. But I do not know whether it was I dreaming that I was a butterfly, or whether I am a butterfly dreaming that I am Chuang-chou. 
With the Smile.

Paradise: Welcoming Feeling

Paradise: Like a Butterfly

Paradise: Dressed in White

Paradise: Dotted with Red

Paradise: Brushing Colors

Paradise: Separate and Together

Paradise: So Lively. Yet Untouched.

Paradise: Chosen Crowd. Find Me by the Color.

Paradise: Flower Bouquet

Paradise: If Only I could Fly

08 April 2016

On the Slopes of Tacoma

Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park

Coming close to the Volcano. Glaciers, Snow, Clouds. They ALL bring Water. The Life abounds. Trees, Flowers, Butterflies… They ALL Love IT Here. The Views of distant Mountains. Bring Wider Context.

Paradise: So Close

Paradise: Crevices cut through Glaciers. Likes Its Solitude.

Paradise: Master Climber. Enjoying the View.

Paradise: Distant Mountains. Wider Context.

Paradise: Overly Cautious? It is Slippery.

Paradise: Streaming from the Snow Fields

Paradise: Familiar with Each Other

Paradise: The Rocks do not stand in the way

Paradise: Nearby

Paradise: Flowers and Trees. They Love It Here.

Paradise: Its Presence is All Around

06 April 2016

When the Time Stops

Tacoma aka Mount Rainier, Mount Rainier National Park

Tacoma is in view all around the Park. Yet, whenever I see IT, I stop. And take a Deep Breath.

Tacoma: When the Time Stops

04 April 2016

Snowing in April

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

We are on Fells. This is what happens when the snow comes for a visit in April.

Fells: First View from the Trailhead

Fells: No Way Through

Fells: I am Different

Fells: Highlights the Verticals

Fells: This is the Trail. To the Blue.

Fells: An Imposing Figure. Without Imposition.

Fells: Do Not Touch!

Fells: Feels like Dancing

Fells: Making It Soft

Fells: Leaving the Marks on the Sky