29 February 2016

Sculpting IT in its Own Way

 Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Snow comes in Silence. Lays down gently. Softly curving around. Shapes its own World. So Delicate. And I am with IT. For a Moment.

Fells: Laying down gently

Fells: The cap makes it alive

Fells: Shaping ITs own World

Fells: So Delicate

Fells: With the Help of Wind

26 February 2016

Who is the Sculptor?

Hawai’i aka Big Island

Nobody knows. Nobody has ever met Him. Have you seen THIS,  Monsieur Rodin?

Hawai’i: Who is the Sculptor?

22 February 2016

Thawing Times

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

It is warming up. The forest is still asleep. The streams are awake. I can hear them. The pools are taking their winter clothes off. Becoming mirrors of the forest again. Mirrors, mirrors everywhere.

Fells: Thawing Times

Fells: The Streams are Awake

Fells: I can hear them

Fells: Mirrors of the Forest are coming back

Fells: Mirrors, Mirrors everywhere

19 February 2016

Where is the Horizon?


I pause. Looking. There is No Beginning. No End. ALL in ONE. To Infinity.

Kauai: To Infinity

15 February 2016

It is -20°C (-4°F) in Cambridge

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

We are on Fells. It is COLD. Deeply freezing atmosphere. In the standstill.

Fells: It is COLD

Fells: And the Waterfall Feels IT

Fells: Frost Crystals Come Along

Fells: Making the Pond Blossom
Fells: Stuck in IT

12 February 2016

Radiating Warmth

Hawai’i aka Big Island

Jumping to the beach for a warm-up. See the colors. Touch the sand. Hear the waves. It is all here.

Hawai’i: See the Colors

Hawai’i: Touch the Sand

Hawai’i: Hear the Waves

09 February 2016

And then Comes the Sun

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

The trees sparkle. Surrounded by snow diamonds. Resting on the branches, seeping from the above. I am lost.

Fells: Softly Curving Around

Fells: Seeping from the Above

Fells: Reached the Sunny Side

Fells: Sparkling in the Sun

06 February 2016

It is Snowing

Cambridge, Massachusetts

It is snowing again. Cambridge is dressed in white. Soft and quiet. I love snow.

Cambridge: Rectangular in a Wiggly World

Cambridge: Soft meets Hard

Cambridge: All by Itself

05 February 2016

Cambridge, February 2015

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Remembering fondly last winter's snow storms. Nature gifted us magical moments never to be forgotten.

Cambridge: In Silence

Cambridge: To Scale

Cambridge: Still Asleep

Cambridge: Playing Hide-and-Seek

Cambridge: And Now What?

02 February 2016

Sunset ends the Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

We are on the trail, on our way back to the trailhead. And the Sun is on its way too. Looking at me, soon to disappear. It feels personal.

Fells: Sunset ends the Day

01 February 2016

Where Humans meet Nature

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

The pictures shown are taken on the edge of a reservoir made by humans in cooperation with Nature. And Nature took it as its own. Perhaps we humans are a part of Nature after all.

Fells: On the Other Side

Fells: Over the Ice

Fells: Where Humans meet Nature