31 October 2016

Wind’s Playground

Pine Hill Trail, Lincoln Conservation Land, Massachusetts

Playing with Shadows. With Light. With Trees. With Leaves. I watch and listen. With Smile.

Pine Hill Trail: Wind’s Playground

25 October 2016

Autumnal Meanderings

Wapack Trail, Wapack National Wildlife Refuge, New Hampshire

Autumn decorates Forest. It feels like a Celebration. Henry David Thoreau calls IT Sunset suggesting the END. I see IT as a glorious transition in the Cycle with No END.

Wapack Trail: Sunny and Cold Morning. On the Trailhead.

Wapack Trail: Colorful. Trail Marker. Rustling Sounds.

Wapack Trail: Jovial Mood

Wapack Trail: Colors greet me along the way

Wapack Trail: And Up Above. Who is the Painter ?

Wapack Trail: And On Sides

Wapack Trail: Festivities around my shoes

Wapack Trail: Vivacious Company

Wapack Trail: And Down Below

Wapack Trail: Softly Touching

Wapack Trail: In full Decorum

Wapack Trail: Showing the Pathway

Wapack Trail: And here It is. The Pathway.

Wapack Trail: Perfect Landing

Wapack Trail: Unfurled

Wapack Trail: The Two of us Lighten the Forest

21 October 2016

Earth in Its Core

Lava Flow of 2016, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

Lava Flow of 2016. I am THERE. Blazing Colors. Cracking Sounds. Radiating Heat. Earth in Its Core.

Kilauea: Lava in Motion

Kilauea: With Blazing Colors

Kilauea: With Cracking Sounds

Kilauea: With Radiating Heat

Kilauea: Do Not Stand in the Way

Kilauea: Earth in Its Core

17 October 2016

Colors of Nature

Leominster State Forest, Massachusetts

Standing in a Whole Foods Market check-out line, I overhear a kid, not more than 4 years old, asking another kid of similar age: Which are primary colors ? And then proudly gives the answer: Red, Green, and Blue. Asking myself: Who is teaching kids this nonsense ? Why don’t you, whoever you are, take kids to a nearby park or forest and help them learn to SEE Colors of Nature. Their lives will be much richer for IT. And they will not miss out on primary colors.

Leominster S.F. : Colors on the Gound

Leominster S.F. : Colors in the Air

Leominster S.F. : Colors I do not name. Colors I See.

13 October 2016

With the Moon

Cambridge, Massachusetts

When Night brings the Moon closer. And Pjer is THERE to see IT. I am asleep.

Cambridge: When Night brings the Moon closer

10 October 2016

It is THIS Time of Year

Miller State Park, New Hampshire

It is THIS Time of Year. When Trees Shine. And the Colors of Leaves penetrate my mind. New England Autumn is setting in.

Miller State Park: Autumn. On arrival.

Miller State Park: Leaves and the Sun. Where does One begin and the Other end ?

Miller State Park: Its Colors all around

Miller State Park: Form and Color. In One voice.

Miller State Park: Painted in Warmth

Miller State Park: On my way. Carefully.

04 October 2016

Happy Birthday Pjer !

Lafayette Loop, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Lafayette Loop. For the first time. Two years ago on Pjer’s birthday. It is still in Memory.

Lafayette Loop: Map

Lafayette Loop: Begins. The autumn knocking.

Lafayette Loop: Jumping over rocks on descent

Lafayette Loop: Rocks pretend to be stairs. Does not make it easier.

Lafayette Loop: On ascent. The Sun showing off.

Lafayette Loop: Close to the Ridge. Windy and Cold. Bundle up.

Lafayette Loop: White Mountains. Clouds not getting in the way.

Lafayette Loop: On the Ridge. Going somewhere.

Lafayette Loop: More climbing. I feel it in my legs.

Lafayette Loop: The Ridge and the Clouds. In each other’s company.

Lafayette Loop: Who are you ? Smile, enjoy life !

Lafayette Loop: Rejoicing in the View

Lafayette Loop: The sky has opened up. The Ridge in different mood.

Lafayette Loop: Dressed well

Lafayette Loop: Greenleaf Hut is close. Or it seems ?

Lafayette Loop: Greenleaf Hut. Life abounds.

Lafayette Loop: On descent

Lafayette Loop: My legs are gone

Lafayette Loop: Autumn leaves. Past their peak. Still there to delight.

Lafayette Loop: Happy Birthday Pjer !