30 May 2017

TRUE Haleakala Sunset

Haleakala National Park, Maui

Blazing. Explosive. Redness. Sunset without the Sun. TRUE Haleakala Sunset.

Haleakala: Sunset without the Sun

24 May 2017

On Halemau'u Trail

Halemau'u Trail, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Narrow Trail is winding along the precipitous edges of Ko'olau Gap. On my Right: Open views of Haleakala Wilderness. On my Left: Greetings from the Life on Rocks. Right to Left. Left to Right. Different scale. Same world. And this Post Sign: Please Stand Quietly On Trailside When Horses Are Passing. How in the world do I stand on trailside and stay alive? Looking into distance. I pause, asking myself: Am I a Bird? Ready to fly off? NOPE. I cannot be a Bird. If for nothing else but my FEAR of heights. Stands in the way.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Trail. Clouds gliding over the Ridge.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Edge

Halemau'u Trail: On the Slope. Giving way to the Blue.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Rocks

Halemau'u Trail: Emerging Haleakala Wilderness

Halemau'u Trail: 'Ama'u adorns wherever she lives

Halemau'u Trail: Around the Corner?

Halemau'u Trail: Different Scale. Same World.

Halemau'u Trail: Nice seeing You!

Halemau'u Trail: Long View

Halemau'u Trail: This Hopping Feeling

Halemau'u Trail: On my Right

Halemau'u Trail: On my Left

Halemau'u Trail: On the Brink and Beyond

Halemau'u Trail: The Post Sign at the Trailhead crosses my mind
Halemau'u Trail: If I see a Horse? How do I stand on trailside and stay alive?

Halemau'u Trail: Am I a Bird?

Halemau'u Trail: Winding into the Grassland

Halemau'u Trail: Down in the Grassland

Halemau'u Trail: Live their Lives

Halemau'u Trail: Oasis of Rain

Halemau'u Trail: Nene in flight. Yes, they can fly!

Halemau'u Trail: Look! Nene over there. Observing.

Halemau'u Trail: Looks like we have a Trespasser

Halemau'u Trail: Chosen colors

Halemau'u Trail: Back in the Clouds

19 May 2017

Meet Nene

Nene, Haleakala National Park, Maui

NENE. What a lovely Name! Probably a descendant of Canada Goose. Who, at some point in the past, decided to fly over Pacific Ocean. A LONG, LONG TRIP! Canada Goose is used to fly over long distances. But never over large expanses of water. Why did she do it? A mistake? An adventure? We will never know. But she landed safely and made Hawaiian Islands her Home. Adapting and Living in peace for many, many millennia until... and then somehow barely surviving tumultuous times with humans. For ALL of THAT, She is awarded the Title: The State Bird of Hawaii. And still critically endangered.

Haleakala: Careful Driving! Nene Crossing!

Haleakala: Here they are. The State Birds of Hawaii.

16 May 2017

After the Rain

Haleakala National Park, Maui

Clouds are always in the vicinity. Carrying the ocean around. Rushing up the slopes of Haleakala. Cooling off in the process. And splashing moisture all over. Plants are jubilantly catching raindrops... The Sun is coming back. Millions of Diamonds. Shimmering choruses. Winking. I wink back. IS THIS A DREAM?

Haleakala: Jubilantly catching raindrops

Haleakala: Millions of Diamonds

Haleakala: Winking. I wink back.

Haleakala: Is This a Dream?

12 May 2017

Native Alien

Ahinahina, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Metallic Arrowy Being. Descended from the Outer Space onto the lava sands of Haleakala. This is my first impression of Ahinahina. A close cousin of Ahinahina from Mauna Kea. Shares the same Name. And similar Life Story. She came to these volcanic grounds when there were very few others around. The extremes of sun, cold, and thirst shaped her un-Earthly form. And they made Her the Ultimate Survivor... until the humans came with their menagerie of serial killers. Pushing Her to the brink of extinction. Today, these same humans are coming to her rescue. NO MORE grazing. The grazers have been evicted from the Park. NO MORE kicking, collecting, touching. Clean up your acts! Otherwise, heavy fines will follow. WHAT A THREAT! We humans still DO NOT GET IT! Do we?

Ahinahina: Descended from the Outer Space

Ahinahina: Ready for flowering. Only Once in My Lifetime.

Ahinahina: Flowers advancing. Bursting with colors.

Ahinahina: In full bloom. I am pretty tall. Almost your height.

Ahinahina: This is My Home

08 May 2017

Sliding Sands

Keonehe'ehe'e Trail aka Sliding Sands Trail, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Among Cinder Cones. Well worn sandy paths. Humans love this place. And the clouds love it too. This is Haleakala Summit. The dynamics of weathering and eruptions. Rain and Wind, seeming outsiders. And Lava Rocks, the Earth's insiders. Working as Partners.

Haleakala: Carved by Rain and Wind

Haleakala: First Glance. On the Way.

Haleakala: Sliding Sands

Haleakala: And the Touch of Life

Haleakala: Watching

Haleakala: Ahinahinas. Native Aliens.

Haleakala: Edging the Cinder Cones Valley

Haleakala: Rocks. Gravel. Sand. Coloring.

Haleakala: And then These Flowers. There.

Haleakala: More Rocks and Sand. And the Path to Somewhere.

Haleakala: How about You?

Haleakala: Getting Closer

Haleakala: And Now What?

Haleakala: Follow the Path! And Don't look Down!

Haleakala: On the Move

Haleakala: Streaks of Color. Shifting with Clouds.

Haleakala: Perfect View?

Haleakala: On the Ascend

Haleakala: And this Bouquet. In just about the right moment.

Haleakala: Well worn sandy paths. Humans love This Place.

Haleakala: And the Clouds love It too

Haleakala: How about Me?