28 March 2016

In the Clouds

Mount Fremont Trail, Mount Rainier National Park

Sunny blue skies. And then THEY start coming. Traversing the trail. Heading straight to the TOP. I am swept IN IT. Holding on my own. Getting to the TOP. ALL is white, indefinite, moving. And I stand there. Watching !!!

Mt. Fremont Trail: And then They start coming

Mt. Fremont Trail: Traversing the trail

Mt. Fremont Trail: I am swept In It. Holding on my own.

Mt. Fremont Trail: On the Top. All is white, indefinite. Watching !!!

Mt. Fremont Trail: On the way back

Mt. Fremont Trail: Waves goodbye

Mt. Fremont Trail: Combed by the wind

Mt. Fremont Trail: Coming down. Enjoying the mist.

25 March 2016

Sculptures in the Air

Hawai’i aka Big Island

Hawai’i clouds. Always THERE. With contagious energy. Hiking companionship. So close I can touch them. If I stretch my hand.

Hawai’i: Suspended in the Air

Hawai’i: It is late afternoon. Still goofing around.

Hawai’i: Groomed to Perfection

Hawai’i: Joined Together

Hawai’i: The Rainbow joins IN

Hawai’i: Hiking companionship

Hawai’i: So close I can touch it. If I stretch my hand.

23 March 2016

With the Clouds

Hawai’i aka Big Island

Master shape-shifters. The sky is their stage. I am watching. Holding on to the clouds never to return.

Hawai’i: With the Clouds

21 March 2016

Beaming through the Forest

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

The Sun beams through the Forest. Touching the Branches. Making the Forest shine.

Fells: Beaming through the Forest

Fells: Touching the Branches

Fells: Making the Forest shine

18 March 2016

The Hurricane has passed by

Laupahoehoe Point Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

The waves are its messengers. Reaching the coast. Lifting itself up. Crushing in an uproar. To whiteness. And then comes the next. I watch and listen. Wave drops are in the air. Touching me.

Hawai’i: Lifting itself up

Hawai’i: Dancing with the rocks

Hawai’i: Crushing in an uproar

Hawai’i: Wave drops are in the air

Hawai’i: To whiteness

Hawai’i: It is time to withdraw

Hawai’i: Standing firm. Deeply rooted.

16 March 2016

With the Ocean

Hawai’i aka Big Island

I am THERE. With the Ocean. Seeing the BIG Picture.

Hawai’i: With the Ocean

14 March 2016

Where IT all began

Loowit aka Mount St. Helens

33 years AFTER. Reshaping OUTSIDE from the INSIDE. In a catastrophic eruption. All over again.

Loowit: Unyielding and detached. The clouds are there for a reason.

Loowit: Looking. In Wonder.

Loowit: A big chunk of her body is missing. Now ALL around.

Loowit: Brushing off, filling in, reshaping IT

Loowit: Spirit Lake reborn. Floating remnants of the forest.

Loowit: Dotted with trees. Growing again. New forest is being born.

Loowit: Coldwater Lake is here for the first time

Loowit: The Newcomer is Welcomed by Life

Loowit: Trees give way. Only to return back.

11 March 2016

Playing with Mirrors

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Playing hide-and-seek with Mirrors. Blurring the boundaries between physical and ethereal. Which is REAL?

Fells: Playing Hide-and-Seek

Fells: Wind joins the Play

Fells: Which is Real?

09 March 2016

How do you do it?


I know. But now that you ask, I DON'T.

Kauai: How do you do it? I know, but now that you ask I don’t.

07 March 2016

Planting IT Over


Sculpting while Growing. Plants congregate. Interlacing each other. Weaving a tapestry. And spreading IT over.

Kauai: Spreading IT Over

Kauai: Over the Ridges

Kauai: Congregating on the Slopes

Kauai: From Close into Distance

Kauai: Living Tapestry

04 March 2016

Melting IT on Hot

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai'i aka Big Island

Lava sculpts IT on the MOVE. And then it STOPS. Remembering that MOMENT forever.

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Spinning IT

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: See the Bow!

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Swirling Around

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Flowing Pathways

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park: Lifting IT up