28 July 2017

Barely Noticed

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Volcanic rocks are hard places for plants. And these Explorers choose to live Here. We sit down with them. Enjoying the Moment.

Fells: When volcanic rock becomes home

Fells: There is this sense that all is well

Fells: And moving

Fells: Up to the seeds

22 July 2017

On a Hot Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

It is Hot today. Close to 35°C (95° F). Tree crowns shadow from the Sun. Leaves fanning the Air around. How noble do I feel in the forest... Recalling my recent Whole Foods exchange with Haiti-born Moise: It is Hot today. He nods. You are well used to it, aren't you? He looks at me: Yes... But in Haiti, you sit under a tree. Here, it is all cement. I smile. How TRUE... Along the Path. Heat dissipates. In the shadows. And swirling breeze.

Fells: Today, the Sky is the Stage

Fells: Through Shadowy Tunnel

Fells: Following the Rocky Uphill

Fells: Into the Sky. Feel the Breeze.

Fells: Nature Assignment?

Fells: Kaleidoscopic Playtime

Fells: Water in Green

Fells: Falling

Fells: Climbing

Fells: On Her Way

Fells: Enveloped in Leaves

Fells: And on the Rocks

Fells: Under Princely Sunshade

Fells: Boston in distance. Moise's words come to mind.

18 July 2017

Somebody is watching

Moore's Swamp, Concord, Massachusetts

Chipmunks are shy. Quick to run away and hide... This One jumps up the trunk. And halts. I stop. Looking at each other...

Moore's Swamp: Looking at each other...

14 July 2017

Around the Pond

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Abundant Life surrounds the Pond. Safeguards the water we all drink Here. Captivates. Enchants.  I love to share time with IT.

Fresh Pond: Good Morning!

Fresh Pond: Lusitania Meadow. Summer.

Fresh Pond: Flowering Time

Fresh Pond: Buzzing around

Fresh Pond: Come play with us!

Fresh Pond: Microcosmic Perspective

Fresh Pond: Butterfly Meadow. Blooming.

Fresh Pond: Aha! Here She is!

Fresh Pond: Black's Nook Reflections

Fresh Pond: Dotting with Yellows

Fresh Pond: Fluffy Fliers. Waiting for Wind.

Fresh Pond: Vague touches

09 July 2017

Swan Lake

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

This is only the second time I see a swan Here. Quietly floating. Toward me... Briefly, the Pond becomes a stage. And Maya Plisetskaya comes into sight... Then turns away. Dips her neck into the water. Yanks a blade of grass. Spiraling IT out of the water. And moves on in silence. Each atom in perfect balance. The very definition of Supreme Grace.

To paraphrase Tao Te Ching: Supreme Grace does not know grace, that is why it has grace... 

Fresh Pond: Only the second time I see a swan Here

Fresh Pond: Quietly floating

Briefly, the Pond becomes a stage. And Maya Plisetskaya comes into sight.

Fresh Pond: Toward me

Fresh Pond: Looking for a blade of grass

Fresh Pond: Moves on. Each atom in perfect balance.