27 November 2017

In Search of Old-Growth Forest

Wachusett Mountain State Reservation, Massachusetts

Recently, I looked-up for possible leftovers of Old-Growth Forests. Old-Growth Forest, by definition, is a forest that has not been disturbed by humans for at least 150 years. Not many are left behind farming hysteria of the pre 20th century. All the trees that lived on farmable lands had to be killed. Only those on steep, rocky parcels have survived. And this is where the patches of Old-Growth Forests might be found... One of the places on the list is This Place. The Ranger confirms: Yes, they do exist Here. And shows the trails to follow... Following the trails... rocky ground... trees, colors, streams... the Forest resonates... Any Old-Growth? I do not know... But I will remember...

Wachusett: Rocky

Wachusett: Readying for wintertime

Wachusett: Colorful Young

Wachusett: Vividly coming through

Wachusett: Downward

Wachusett: In the Hemlock Forest

Wachusett: Steep downhill

Wachusett: And Up

Wachusett: Find their ways

Wachusett: Tall and crowny. With stoic aura.

Wachusett: Old Growth Forest?

Wachusett: Down with water

Wachusett: Cascading

Wachusett: Around water loving crowds

Wachusett: Mosses and Lichens cannot be missed

Wachusett: At Home with Rocks

Wachusett: I can jump over

Wachusett: Me as well

Wachusett: The Summit. Mt. Monadnock across. Green energy lurking.

Wachusett: It is all Here

Wachusett: I will remember

19 November 2017

Autumn Lights

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

It is November. The Autumn has passed her peak. Slowly treading towards the Winter. Rustling sounds. The Time of Low Sun. And glowing leaves. Brownish weaves. Cascading shadows... Softly scattered light. Edging along. Bouncing off. Passing through. Picking colors on the way. And splashing them over... The Time I sense the Light... being a part of this world.

Fells: It is November. Rustling sounds.

Fells: The time of glowing leaves

Fells: And brownish weaves

Fells: And cascading shadows

Fells: Softly scattered light

Fells: Edging along

Fells: Bouncing off

Fells: Passing through

Fells: The Time I sense the Light... being a part of this world

14 November 2017

Nature's Garden

North Bubble, Acadia National Park

Stepping into the Garden. Bursting with Life. Wherever I look... down, along the trail... left, right... midway across... further away... ALL living... Being Here by their choice... No Weeds. No Likes. No humans, telling these people what is best for them. For millions of years, they have been learning how to live Here... Splashing rain. Or no rain. Swirling winds. Or no winds. Freezing. Dry or wet... Does it matter? Not at all... For them, this is just a day. For me, a VERY SPECIAL day...

North Bubble: A hint of autumn

North Bubble: And another. With unlike crowd.

North Bubble: Down there, strolling autumn

North Bubble: And just across, cascading cliffs. Perfect for pines.

North Bubble: Not to miss long views. Humans love them.

North Bubble: Close to my shoes

North Bubble: Being Here by their choice

North Bubble: Coloring the pathway

North Bubble: How much in common?

North Bubble: Let's see how this works?

North Bubble: And close to the shoes again. Cannot resist.

North Bubble: Giving rosy granite a chance

North Bubble: Looks dry. Does it matter?

North Bubble: All of us enjoying the Sun

North Bubble: Bonsai Little. Suits me well.

North Bubble: Feels good to shelter under this spruce

North Bubble: Among Others

North Bubble: Descending. A look back.

North Bubble: A long view forward

North Bubble: And another