27 August 2017

Dust Baths

Cambridge, Massachusetts

On the Cambridge sidewalk. Stopped by a cheerful crowd. Enjoying dust baths. Amid human passers-by. Busy in their thoughts. Without a single blink... Different worlds...

Cambridge: Stopped by a cheerful crowd

21 August 2017

Solar Eclipse 2017

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

21 August 2017

Solar Eclipse Day. Partial Eclipse Here.

Three months ago: Thinking of going for the Total.

We choose Grand Teton National Park. All booked... already. Stratospheric prices.
  The Park expects CROWDS. Some roads may be closed.
    Do I want to be a part of highly-priced, screaming, clapping parade?

I wish to see the Nature get SURPRISED, humans cannot. The science makes sure we don't.

  Maybe I can still be surprised. Just a BIT... with the passing clouds...

Fells: 13:33 EDT - Just on time

Fells: Maybe I can still be surprised

Fells: 14:43 EDT - Half way over

Fells: 15:54 EDT - Passing clouds between Us

16 August 2017

From Black's Nook Sketchbook

Black's Nook, Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Once a part of Fresh Pond. Now separate and secluded. With the Life of its own. I love to come Here. Just Stand and Watch... Today, we have a company.

Black's Nook: Today, we have a company

Black's Nook: Watching

Black's Nook: Straight across

Black's Nook: Slightly to the right

Black's Nook: And the Flower. Over there.

11 August 2017

Flowering in August

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Surrounded by flowers. Unalike in colors and forms. Wish to be different. Yet so harmonious together... Meandering butterfly. Flowers in the way. Coloring our paths.

Fresh Pond: Flowering in August

Fresh Pond: Wish to be different. Yet so harmonious together.

Fresh Pond: Cheery Morning

Fresh Pond: With Character

Fresh Pond: Observant flyers

Fresh Pond: Upward

Fresh Pond: Finds the Way

Fresh Pond: Vanessa and her Flower

Fresh Pond: Coloring our Paths

Fresh Pond: They Love to be Here

06 August 2017

Hiking to Walden Pond

Lincoln Conservation Land, Concord Conservation Land, Walden Pond, Massachusetts

Sunny summer day. We take a train to Lincoln. Yes, the TRAIN! The TRAIN! A Special Treat for me: Riding the train... Hiking through the Forest. Theatrics of Light and Shade... And across the Farmland. Tachys in the showcase fly-overs. I stand and watch... And along Sudbury River. Moving without notice... Coming to Walden Pond. Crystal Blue Walden. Once the glacier. Today the swimmer's paradise... Looking at the blue ripples...
Perhaps on that spring morning when Adam and Eve were driven out of Eden Walden Pond was already in existence, and even then breaking up in a gentle spring rain accompanied with mist and a southerly wind, and covered with myriads of ducks and geese, which had not heard of the fall, when still such pure lakes sufficed them. Even then it had commenced to rise and fall, and had clarified its waters and colored them of the hue they now wear, and obtained a patent of Heaven to be the only Walden Pond in the world and distiller of celestial dews...


To Walden Pond: Off the train in Lincoln

To Walden Pond: Through the Forest

To Walden Pond: Theatrics of Light and Shade

To Walden Pond: From the Playwright's Book

To Walden Pond: On the Farmland

To Walden Pond: Peachy Colors

To Walden Pond: Orderly Pumpkins. Flowering.

To Walden Pond: Watching

To Walden Pond: Back in the Forest

To Walden Pond: In the Presence

To Walden Pond: Sudbury River. Moving without notice.

To Walden Pond: Following the River

To Walden Pond: Along the Bank

To Walden Pond: Somebody is watching

To Walden Pond: Playfully

Walden Pond: Arrived

Walden Pond: Crystal Blue Walden

Walden Pond: Enjoyment

Walden Pond: Swimmer's Paradise

Walden Pond: Looking at the Blue Ripples...

01 August 2017

Feasting on Berries

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Watching the squirrel feast on berries. And all the acts that go with IT. Quite a sequence. Snips the Twig. Carries IT around. Finds a secure setting. Meticulous resection begins. With stepwise nibbling. The berry is the focus. Until there is no more. Drops the Twig and moves on... This last act evokes Plastic Bottles on trails. Are we squirrels in human clothes? NOPE!.. There is a big difference between the two. The Twig is happily received by a community of micro people. And well on Her way back to nourish trees... Plastic Bottles are left behind. Nobody looks at them. Nobody wants them... except humans.

Fresh Pond: Feasting on Berries