27 June 2016

An Evening with Kilauea

Halema’uma’u Crater, Kilauea, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

Kilauea. Living Volcano. Personifies human passions in Hawaiian Legends. Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, lives Here. Charming Lady. Scares to Death.

Kilauea: Approaching Halema’uma’u Crater

Kilauea: Coming Close. But Not Too Close.

Kilauea: Late Sun. Painting over Caldera.

Kilauea: Light Fumes vanishing. With little notice.

Kilauea: Is It Pele ? Is It Kilauea ? Or…

Kilauea: Radiating Warmth

Kilauea: Deep into the Night

22 June 2016

4.5 Million Years AFTER

Pu’u Huluhulu Trail, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

Hawai’i is Born. 4.5 Million Years After Kauai. The youngest of the Islands. Only 0.5 Million Years of Age. With Living Volcanoes. In the memories of Hawaiian Legends. And in the memories of Lava Fields.

To Huluhulu: Strolling Lava Field. 41 Years of Age. Younger than Me.

To Huluhulu: ‘Ama’u Lives Here

To Huluhulu: It is Living. Feels like a Show.

To Huluhulu: Lava Field. Bounded by Forest. Mauna Loa in Clouds.

To Huluhulu: ‘Ohi’a is Watching

To Huluhulu: Close to Lava. In Space and Color.

To Huluhulu: Volcanic Energy. In such a Tiny Body.

To Huluhulu: They All Love to Shine

To Huluhulu: Huluhulu in View. All in Green. Lava could not climb up.

Huluhulu: On the rim of old crater. Asleep. Bursts with Life.

Huluhulu: Mauna Ulu. Just Across. The Place where It All began.

From Huluhulu: Coming

From Huluhulu: What a Statement !

From Huluhulu: Passing Times

16 June 2016

Swamp on Top of the World

Alaka’i Swamp Trail, Kōkeʻe State Park, Kauai

In the bosom of Volcano. HIGH UP. Where Clouds like to hang around. Perennial Watering. And Alaka’i is born.

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Enter and Close the Door

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Come Closer

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Thriving in Colors. I wonder why humans like to dress in black?

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Fern Trees. Wiggly Horizon. Clouds Lurking.

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: ‘Ohi’a and Uluhe. In their Own Ways.

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Those Sparkles from the Sun know where to land

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Kilohana Lookout. High Up!

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: On Top of the World


Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: I feel Embraced

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Moss People. Weaving around.

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Clouds rising with wind

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: On the Ground

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: An Alien Here. Charms with its Looks and Scents.

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Thank You for the Privilege

Alaka’i  Swamp Trail: Back to the Trailhead. Cliffs of Waimea Canyon in View.

11 June 2016

Along Nāpali Coast

Kalalau Trail, Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park, Kauai

Hiking along Nāpali Coast. Continuous stream of Views. I simply cannot pass them by. My Hiking is becoming Sauntering. With no Urgency to keep the pace. I am losing the sense of Time.

Kalalau Trail: On the Trail. Ironwood Trees on Guard.

Kalalau Trail: Nāpali in View

Kalalau Trail: Prime Locations

Kalalau Trail: On the Wings

Kalalau Trail: Naupaka Flower. Missing the Other Half. Hawaiian Legends.

Kalalau Trail: The Sun and the Clouds. Taking the Best out of Each Other.

Kalalau Trail: Dark Clouds. Vaporized Ocean. Ready to come Down.

Kalalau Trail: The Sun and the Light. What a Difference !

Kalalau Trail: Hanakāpi’ai in View. Here ends first part of the Trail.

Kalalau Trail: Extending Themselves for Better Views

Kalalau Trail: There is a Place for Everybody

Kalalau Trail: Uluhe. Artfully hiding sheer drops from View. Thank you for that !

Kalalau Trail: Basking in the Haze of Late Day

Kalalau Trail: Low Sun ends the Hike. With Smile !

Kalalau Trail: Waving Goodbye to Nāpali