15 July 2016

Going Away. Be Back Soon.

I asked the boy beneath the pines.
He said, “The master’s gone alone
Herb-picking somewhere on the mount,
Cloud-hidden, whereabouts unknown.”

Chia Tao (777-841), trans. Lin Yutang

Going Away. Be Back Soon.

10 July 2016

And Then THEY Come Along

Kalopa Nature Trail, Kalopa State Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

On the rainy slopes of Mauna Kea. She has been asleep for over 4,000 years. Long enough for plants to make their MARK. And this is how it looks when LIFE takes over.

Kalopa: And then They come along

Kalopa: Banyan Tree. Using Others as Props for Its downward growth.

Kalopa: Until It reaches Soil. Right or Wrong ? Human Perspective.

Kalopa: Ready to Take Off

Kalopa: Fern’s World

Kalopa: Newcomer unpacking

Kalopa: What These Two have in Common ?

Kalopa: Kolea Tree leafing. Forest taking Notice.

Kalopa: Once Upon a Time…

Kalopa: Fern People. Happily Close to the Ground.

Kalopa: Well Rooted. So Important !

Kalopa: Adaptation. Writing a Fairy Tale.

Kalopa: What a Mess ! And I Love It !

06 July 2016

Is THIS How IT All Began?

Lae’apuki, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

The Youngest Lava Field. Only 6 Years of Age. Surrounded by Infinite Blackness. I maintain that there is NO BLACK in nature. This is as close as it gets. Is THIS the BEGINNING ?

Lae Apuki: Entrance to the Youngest Lava Field. Only 6 Years of Age.

Lae Apuki: See Pjer. No Impact.

Lae Apuki: Who is He? What a Profile!

Lae Apuki: Going Somewhere

Lae Apuki: All is Not Black

Lae Apuki: Shiny Story

Lae Apuki: Black. Blue.

Lae Apuki: Meeting of the Two

Lae Apuki: Still on the Move

Lae Apuki: Dancing Around

Lae Apuki: Feels like Ocean. Except for the Color.

Lae Apuki: Is This the Beginning?

02 July 2016

Meet 'Ohi'a

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

‘Ohi’a. True Hawaiian. She came to the Island who knows When? Who knows Why? Who knows How? Perhaps with Winds and Birds. Volcanoes welcomed Her in their own uncompromising way. She adapted and made Lava Fields her Home. Today 'Ohi'a needs Volcanoes. And Volcanoes need 'Ohi'a.

‘Ohi’a: Feels like Home

‘Ohi’a: Living Volcano

‘Ohi’a: Up Close and Personal

‘Ohi’a: Watching You

‘Ohi’a: They need Each Other

‘Ohi’a: I can grow High Up

‘Ohi’a: Perennial Jubilation