21 November 2016

Playground to Astronomers

Mauna Kea, Hawai’i aka Big island

Around the Summit of Mauna Kea, at about 4,150 meters (13,615 feet). The Observatories oblivious to the Mountain that carries them. With the Focus FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY. Looking for Nebulas, Galaxies, Stars, Planets… for the beginning of Time. I do not sense I am welcomed here. Yet, I stand near the Summit that means so much to Hawaiians. And I do not see the splendor of their Sacred Place. Why? The Observatories bring industrial look and feel that suppresses the Heartbeat of the Mountain’s Crown.

Mauna Kea: Close to the Summit. Industrial look and feel.

Mauna Kea: Keck Telescopes. Closed for the day.

Mauna Kea: Metallic shine. Oblivious to the Mountain.

Mauna Kea: Stop sign? Expecting Traffic? Here?

Mauna Kea: With the Focus Far, Far, Far Away

Mauna Kea: I do not sense I am welcomed here

Mauna Kea: Looking away into Distance

Mauna Kea: It is High. At 4,150 meters. Haleakala hovering over there.

Mauna Kea: Slowly descending. Visitor Center in View.