14 November 2016

Oasis of Peace

Mauna Kea, Hawai’i aka Big island

Waving among sleepy craters of Mauna Kea. High Up at 2,800 meters (9,186 feet). The Sun is ablaze. Windy and Cool. Clouds coming and going. Flowering blends into the Colors of Place. ALL in tune with Melodies of the Mountain.

Mauna Kea: High Up at 2,800 meters

Mauna Kea: Waving among sleepy craters

Mauna Kea: On the Edge

Mauna Kea: Flowering blends into the Colors of Place

Mauna Kea: Surrounded by Mamane Trees. Thank you for the Hospitality !

Mauna Kea: Old age lava. Sprightly youthful.

Mauna Kea: Clouds. Always around. Wish to be seen.

Mauna Kea: Contagious

Mauna Kea: High Point

Mauna Kea: Feels like Finale

Mauna Kea: Fiery Soul

Mauna Kea: Clouds artistry. It’s all about the Rim.

Mauna Kea: Mamane Flowers. So good to see you in High Spirits.

Mauna Kea: Living among stones

Mauna Kea: I wonder what is There ?

Mauna Kea: She seems to be enjoying It

Mauna Kea: This is our pathway back

Mauna Kea: Volcanic ash. Evoking Her explosive nature.

Mauna Kea: Aheahea and Mamane. Both at Home. Cuddling together.

Mauna Kea: Me, Mamane. I am still Here.