30 May 2016

Mystique of the Olympic Coast

Rialto Beach, Olympic National Park

Rialto Beach on a Misty Day. Vapor from the Ocean all around. In the eyes. In the ears. In the lungs. Olympic Rainforests are in the Air. Birds flying Somewhere. Boundaries about to Disappear. Sounds of the Ocean left behind. Emerging Shadows.

Rialto Beach: On a Misty Day

Rialto Beach: Olympic Rainforests are in the Air

Rialto Beach: The Remnants of Different Times. They call them Sea Stacks.

Rialto Beach: On the Intertidal Rocks

Rialto Beach: Swimming with Tides

Rialto Beach: Birds flying Somewhere

Rialto Beach: Boundaries about to Disappear

Rialto Beach: Emerging Shadows