10 May 2016

Early Spring Day on Fells

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Another rainy day. We are on Fells. It is sipping the way spring rains do. Refreshing the young. With its delicate Touch. I can hear the Touch. I can see the Touch. The colors resonate with IT. Then the Sky begins to open up. The clouds become individuals. The Sun is in its Hide-and-Show Game. Late into the Afternoon.

Fells: It is Raining

Fells: In Flames

Fells: Princely Birth

Fells: Out into the World

Fells: Closer to the Ground

Fells: Higher Up. Looking into the Sky.

Fells: Delicately Suffusing

Fells: Refreshing

Fells: Take a Peek

Fells: Opening Up. The Clouds are Individuals.

Fells: In the Bathtub. The Sun sends its Greetings.

Fells: Ending with the Sun Watching