08 April 2016

On the Slopes of Tacoma

Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park

Coming close to the Volcano. Glaciers, Snow, Clouds. They ALL bring Water. The Life abounds. Trees, Flowers, Butterflies… They ALL Love IT Here. The Views of distant Mountains. Bring Wider Context.

Paradise: So Close

Paradise: Crevices cut through Glaciers. Likes Its Solitude.

Paradise: Master Climber. Enjoying the View.

Paradise: Distant Mountains. Wider Context.

Paradise: Overly Cautious? It is Slippery.

Paradise: Streaming from the Snow Fields

Paradise: Familiar with Each Other

Paradise: The Rocks do not stand in the way

Paradise: Nearby

Paradise: Flowers and Trees. They Love It Here.

Paradise: Its Presence is All Around