20 September 2017

Where Birds Reign

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island, Massachusetts

It is the Year 1942. Humans reserve this piece of Earth for birds. And name it Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The estuary where three rivers meet the Ocean. Where Fresh and Salty intermix. Where Grasses and Wildflowers thrive. Protected from the Ocean by sand dunes... This place has belonged to birds from the very first blade of grass... Today we, humans, do not encroach. Are not allowed to. Except to take a peek from marked spots... And there they are... Flying... Swimming. Splashing... Lounging. Napping... Groups. Pairs. Singles... Wading... Being There... Makes me think... NO, it is not all about survival. These birds know how to enjoy life...

Parker River: Meadowy Estuary

Parker River: Where Grasses thrive

Parker River: And Birds Reign

Parker River: Stretching

Parker River: Imbued with Avian Spirits

Parker River: Lounging

Parker River: Soon to Land

Parker River: Wading

Parker River: Swimming. Splashing.

Parker River: Over the Expanse

Parker River: Seems Resolute

Parker River: Watching

Parker River: Low Tide Delights

Parker River: Napping

Parker River: Makes me think...

Parker River: These birds know how to enjoy life...