08 May 2017

Sliding Sands

Keonehe'ehe'e Trail aka Sliding Sands Trail, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Among Cinder Cones. Well worn sandy paths. Humans love this place. And the clouds love it too. This is Haleakala Summit. The dynamics of weathering and eruptions. Rain and Wind, seeming outsiders. And Lava Rocks, the Earth's insiders. Working as Partners.

Haleakala: Carved by Rain and Wind

Haleakala: First Glance. On the Way.

Haleakala: Sliding Sands

Haleakala: And the Touch of Life

Haleakala: Watching

Haleakala: Ahinahinas. Native Aliens.

Haleakala: Edging the Cinder Cones Valley

Haleakala: Rocks. Gravel. Sand. Coloring.

Haleakala: And then These Flowers. There.

Haleakala: More Rocks and Sand. And the Path to Somewhere.

Haleakala: How about You?

Haleakala: Getting Closer

Haleakala: And Now What?

Haleakala: Follow the Path! And Don't look Down!

Haleakala: On the Move

Haleakala: Streaks of Color. Shifting with Clouds.

Haleakala: Perfect View?

Haleakala: On the Ascend

Haleakala: And this Bouquet. In just about the right moment.

Haleakala: Well worn sandy paths. Humans love This Place.

Haleakala: And the Clouds love It too

Haleakala: How about Me?