27 April 2017

Hiking to Marmot Pass

Marmot Pass Trail, Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Here I am. FINALLY! On the trail to Marmot Pass. All the Olympics hiking books are raving about this Hike. Seabury Blair Jr. says: The Hike to Marmot Pass is the champagne walk of the Northeastern Olympics. And Craig Romano: If for some terrible reason you are only allowed one hike in the Olympics in your lifetime, this should be it. I love the name: MARMOT PASS. They say, though, that Marmots are not up there any more. Does not take the Charm from the Name. 1067 meters (3500 feet) Climb. Very long climb. The Agreement IS: Minimal stopping. Minimal photoing. Until we reach the Pass. Otherwise... we will never get there. On our way back, photoing is allowed. As Much as we Wish. So, Here It Is: MARMOT PASS !

Marmot Pass: Into the sub-alpine world

Marmot Pass: Chamerions. Pinkishly edging.

Marmot Pass: Closer look

Marmot Pass: Craggy Cliffs. Up there with the Clouds.

Marmot Pass: Sub-alpine. Meadows. Cedars. Fir Peaks.

Marmot Pass: Flowering

Marmot Pass: A glance behind my back

Marmot Pass: In stride. Almost There!

Marmot Pass: There! Olympic Mountains are smiling. Welcome to our World!

Marmot Pass: Holding their own. Where Avalanches reign.

Marmot Pass: Meadowy Softness

Marmot Pass: Embraced

Marmot Pass: In Equilibrium

Marmot Pass: On Descent

Marmot Pass: Look Down. Warmth. Beaming.

Marmot Pass: Over There. Their Home.

Marmot Pass: Farewell, Mountains!

Marmot Pass: Back in the Forest. Mossy Decorum.

Marmot Pass: Lush. Green.

Marmot Pass: And the Trail

Marmot Pass: And the Water. Streaming.

Marmot Pass: Big Quilcene joins the Play

Marmot Pass: Joyfully splashing

Marmot Pass: And Singing

Marmot Pass: And Sparkling. Into the Late Afternoon.