29 March 2017

Unrestrained River

Elwha River Trail, Olympic National Park

Hiking along the River. I can hardly recall the last time I walked along a River. We humans confuse a Channel with a River. The channel for delivery of human goods. And for dumping human trash. The source from which to take water for growing human food. And from which to take energy for living human ways. Shackling a River into the Channel to make her work for us... Hiking along. Watching. Listening. Crystalline Burbles. Meandering cheerfully. Pushing through cliffs. Unbounded energy. Working for nobody. And for everybody.

Elwha River: Hiking along

Elwha River: Watching

Elwha River: Listening

Elwha River: Crystalline Burbles

Elwha River: Meandering cheerfully

Elwha River: Foaming

Elwha River: Sparkling

Elwha River: Pushing

Elwha River: Alternate pathways

Elwha River: Working for nobody. And for everybody.