24 January 2017

When Bubbles Make my Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Edging along Quarter Mile Pond. Grayness in waiting for the rain. Out of nowhere, there comes this Bubble. Floating in the air. Touching the Pond. Meets its Mirror Image. And then Puff! Disappears. Another coming. And Another. One More... Uplifting rainbow colors dance. A young couple over there. I smile. Thank you guys for the Show!

Fells: Out of nowhere, there comes this Bubble

Fells: In the air. Floating.

Fells: Rainbow colors. Touching the Pond.

Fells: Meets its Mirror Image

Fells: Standstill? Or It Seems?

Fells: Wandering Impressions

Fells: Embraced by Reflections

Fells: Relaxing on the other side

Fells: Thank you for the Show!