07 December 2016

In Search of Pu’u ‘O’o

Naulu-Napau Trail, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

On Naulu-Napau Trail. Leading closest to Pu’u ‘O’o. An active Kilauea crater. Spewing lava into the Ocean. Shape shifting clouds. Drizzle in the air. Blues here and there. The Sun playing hide and seek. Not Perfect for viewing the Crater. Who waits for PERFECT here? Just GO and see what happens. SURPRISE lasts forever.

Naulu Trail: Lava Field. Shape shifting clouds. On our way.

Naulu Trail: Swirling around

Naulu Trail: Road remnants. Kilauea Land. All else is Temporary.

Naulu Trail: Where Lava Field meets Hawaiian Forest

Naulu Trail: Entrance to Hawaiian Forest. Fenced off from predators.

Napau Trail: Without earmarks

Napau Trail: Lower stories in good spirits

Napau Trail: Sunrays poking through ferny laces

Napau Trail: Dry as Important

Napau Trail: Uluhe hold their own

Napau Trail: Close to the Overlook. Overcast. Drizzly.


Puu Oo: Shows Off. For a Moment. Ghostly.

Puu Oo: Spewing Lava into the Ocean

Napau Trail: Going back. This is Their World.

Napau Trail: Uluhe and Ohias. The Spine of Hawaiian Forest.

Napau Trail: Wiggly overpasses

Napau Trail: Mingling with Uluhe. On their Terms.

Napau Trail: Green and Brown. All Wet.

Napau Trail: Flanked by living walls

Naulu Trail: Out of the Forest. The Ocean touching the Sky. In Distance.

Naulu Trail: Young Ohia decorates the Way

Naulu Trail: Misty and soft. Ohias love it. I enjoy too.

Naulu Trail: Back to the trailhead. What a Journey !