02 July 2016

Meet 'Ohi'a

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

‘Ohi’a. True Hawaiian. She came to the Island who knows When? Who knows Why? Who knows How? Perhaps with Winds and Birds. Volcanoes welcomed Her in their own uncompromising way. She adapted and made Lava Fields her Home. Today 'Ohi'a needs Volcanoes. And Volcanoes need 'Ohi'a.

‘Ohi’a: Feels like Home

‘Ohi’a: Living Volcano

‘Ohi’a: Up Close and Personal

‘Ohi’a: Watching You

‘Ohi’a: They need Each Other

‘Ohi’a: I can grow High Up

‘Ohi’a: Perennial Jubilation