22 June 2016

4.5 Million Years AFTER

Pu’u Huluhulu Trail, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Hawai’i aka Big Island

Hawai’i is Born. 4.5 Million Years After Kauai. The youngest of the Islands. Only 0.5 Million Years of Age. With Living Volcanoes. In the memories of Hawaiian Legends. And in the memories of Lava Fields.

To Huluhulu: Strolling Lava Field. 41 Years of Age. Younger than Me.

To Huluhulu: ‘Ama’u Lives Here

To Huluhulu: It is Living. Feels like a Show.

To Huluhulu: Lava Field. Bounded by Forest. Mauna Loa in Clouds.

To Huluhulu: ‘Ohi’a is Watching

To Huluhulu: Close to Lava. In Space and Color.

To Huluhulu: Volcanic Energy. In such a Tiny Body.

To Huluhulu: They All Love to Shine

To Huluhulu: Huluhulu in View. All in Green. Lava could not climb up.

Huluhulu: On the rim of old crater. Asleep. Bursts with Life.

Huluhulu: Mauna Ulu. Just Across. The Place where It All began.

From Huluhulu: Coming

From Huluhulu: What a Statement !

From Huluhulu: Passing Times