11 January 2017

First Snow

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Fells is asleep. In Winter Decorum. Whiteness...Gently curving rocks and boulders. Spreading over ponds and lower stories. Creating the center stage for shadows master play. Emerging Characters. Where is the trail? Sparkling dust flying in front of my boots.

Fells: In Winter Decorum

Fells: Delicate meets Delicate

Fells: Emerging Character

Fells: The Guardian of the Trail

Fells: All with Caps

Fells: Following Pjer's footsteps

Fells: The Center Stage for Shadows Master Play

Fells: Roping along

Fells: Bumpy Lower Story

Fells: Snow Balls. First to leave the trace.

Fells: Crossing Paths

Fells: Beech Leaves. Still There. Coloring.

Fells: Gently curving