24 June 2017

In the Marshland

Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, Concord, Massachusetts

Swampy area along Concord River. With two human-made pools. Last owner built these pools. To attract geese and ducks. And then shoot them... Today, the Area is protected. Bringing peace and quiet. And human visitors without rifles... Birds love to congregate here. And especially so in high season. In late July and August. Preparing for the Long Flight to the South...The River is flowing. Undisturbed.

Great Meadows: One Day

Great Meadows: In the Marshland

Great Meadows: Peace and Quiet

Great Meadows: In the Paradise

Great Meadows: Alone. Not Lonely.

Great Meadows: Froggy Look

Great Meadows: On the Wind

Great Meadows: Toward the River

Great Meadows: With the Wind

Great Meadows: Submerged

Great Meadows: And the River is flowing. Undisturbed.

20 June 2017

Another Kind of Flyer

Moore's Swamp, Concord, Massachusetts

Dragonfly. The Name suggests a mythical fire-breathing monster flying around. With delicately painted four wings. And hardly matched ability to maneuver in the air. Moving in any direction. The sheer speed of these motions shatters continuity. The continuity that gifts bird flight melodic quality. Here, there is this stop-and-fly. With dragon-like facial expressions. Scares and thrills at the same time.

Moore's Swamp: In the Marshland

Moore's Swamp: Delicately painted

Moore's Swamp: Dragon-like facial expressions

Moore's Swamp: Scares and Thrills

16 June 2017

Seasonal Visitors

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Her Latin name is Tachycineta. Comes from Greek "takhukinetos" which means "moving quickly". And what a Flier she is! Watching her acrobatic fly-overs above the Pond is a delight. I know, this is the way she gets her food. But, to me, it goes beyond food. Right into the very nature of who she is... She flies over from the South to raise her family here. And the human-made Bungalows are waiting. Warmly welcomed! Lucky Bird!

Fresh Pond: Approaching the Bungalow

Fresh Pond: At the doorstep

Fresh Pond: No knocking required!

Fresh Pond: Lucky Bird!

12 June 2017

Springtime on Fells

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Stepping into the Young Green. Brightness. Lightness. The Energy of Youth. Chipmunk chirps. Crawlers here. Flowers there. Fliers in the air. Vernal pools. Mirroring. Secluded birds. Tweeting: I am here. I am here.

Fells: Into the Green

Fells: Chipmunk chirps. Quickly hides. Not to be seen.

Fells: Seems like a Long Trip

Fells: Coming Flowers

Fells: Surprise landing

Fells: Easily missed

Fells: Vernal pools. Mirroring.

Fells: Secluded birds. Tweeting.

Fells: Family Connects

Fells: With Finesse

Fells: Springtime Reflections

Fells: Something There?

Fells: And Here!

06 June 2017

Among Birds

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Springtime. Chirps. Trills. Tweets. I am Magnetized with their Melodic Speech. On branches. In the Air. Always moving. Mesmerizing. Pjer is photoing. Reminds me of the Georges Duthuit's words in his book Chinese Mysticism and Modern Painting:
When the Chinese artist paints, what matters is the concentration of thought and the prompt vigorous response of the hand to the directing will... He who deliberates and moves his brush intent on making a picture, misses to a still greater extent the art of painting. Draw bamboos for ten years, become a bamboo, then forget all about bamboos when you are drawing...
Fresh Pond: Wings. Made by Nature.

Fresh Pond: Something interesting over there?

Fresh Pond: I see you down there!

Fresh Pond: Geronimo!

Fresh Pond: Take a moment

Fresh Pond: And fly away

Fresh Pond: What is she thinking?

Fresh Pond: Birdly Moments

Fresh Pond: Seasonal Visitors

Fresh Pond: Made to Measure

30 May 2017

TRUE Haleakala Sunset

Haleakala National Park, Maui

Blazing. Explosive. Redness. Sunset without the Sun. TRUE Haleakala Sunset.

Haleakala: Sunset without the Sun

24 May 2017

On Halemau'u Trail

Halemau'u Trail, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Narrow Trail is winding along the precipitous edges of Ko'olau Gap. On my Right: Open views of Haleakala Wilderness. On my Left: Greetings from the Life on Rocks. Right to Left. Left to Right. Different scale. Same world. And this Post Sign: Please Stand Quietly On Trailside When Horses Are Passing. How in the world do I stand on trailside and stay alive? Looking into distance. I pause, asking myself: Am I a Bird? Ready to fly off? NOPE. I cannot be a Bird. If for nothing else but my FEAR of heights. Stands in the way.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Trail. Clouds gliding over the Ridge.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Edge

Halemau'u Trail: On the Slope. Giving way to the Blue.

Halemau'u Trail: On the Rocks

Halemau'u Trail: Emerging Haleakala Wilderness

Halemau'u Trail: 'Ama'u adorns wherever she lives

Halemau'u Trail: Around the Corner?

Halemau'u Trail: Different Scale. Same World.

Halemau'u Trail: Nice seeing You!

Halemau'u Trail: Long View

Halemau'u Trail: This Hopping Feeling

Halemau'u Trail: On my Right

Halemau'u Trail: On my Left

Halemau'u Trail: On the Brink and Beyond

Halemau'u Trail: The Post Sign at the Trailhead crosses my mind
Halemau'u Trail: If I see a Horse? How do I stand on trailside and stay alive?

Halemau'u Trail: Am I a Bird?

Halemau'u Trail: Winding into the Grassland

Halemau'u Trail: Down in the Grassland

Halemau'u Trail: Live their Lives

Halemau'u Trail: Oasis of Rain

Halemau'u Trail: Nene in flight. Yes, they can fly!

Halemau'u Trail: Look! Nene over there. Observing.

Halemau'u Trail: Looks like we have a Trespasser

Halemau'u Trail: Chosen colors

Halemau'u Trail: Back in the Clouds