20 September 2017

Where Birds Reign

Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Plum Island, Massachusetts

It is the Year 1942. Humans reserve this piece of Earth for birds. And name it Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The estuary where three rivers meet the Ocean. Where Fresh and Salty intermix. Where Grasses and Wildflowers thrive. Protected from the Ocean by sand dunes... This place has belonged to birds from the very first blade of grass... Today we, humans, do not encroach. Are not allowed to. Except to take a peek from marked spots... And there they are... Flying... Swimming. Splashing... Lounging. Napping... Groups. Pairs. Singles... Wading... Being There... Makes me think... NO, it is not all about survival. These birds know how to enjoy life...

Parker River: Meadowy Estuary

Parker River: Where Grasses thrive

Parker River: And Birds Reign

Parker River: Stretching

Parker River: Imbued with Avian Spirits

Parker River: Lounging

Parker River: Soon to Land

Parker River: Wading

Parker River: Swimming. Splashing.

Parker River: Over the Expanse

Parker River: Seems Resolute

Parker River: Watching

Parker River: Low Tide Delights

Parker River: Napping

Parker River: Makes me think...

Parker River: These birds know how to enjoy life...

07 September 2017

Closing Summer

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Flowering is receding. Birds weaving around. Looking for seeds... Drying petals... Chirping crickets... The Goose on her own. The Kids are gone... Pensive Heron over there... Exhaustion in the Air. The Summer at an end.

Fresh Pond: Looking for seeds

Fresh Pond: Drying petals

Fresh Pond: Among seeds

Fresh Pond: The Place to be

Fresh Pond: Dispersed sunlight. Caught in Silver.

Fresh Pond: Lotus Crowd. Still in Bloom. Diluted by seed heads.

Fresh Pond: On her own. The Kids are gone.

Fresh Pond: Tired Greens

Fresh Pond: Made for each other

Fresh Pond: A touch of Autumn

01 September 2017


Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Windless. The Pond. The Mirror. Perfect expression of Silence. Deeply touching my Soul...

Fresh Pond: Silence

Fresh Pond: Deeply touching my Soul...

27 August 2017

Dust Baths

Cambridge, Massachusetts

On the Cambridge sidewalk. Stopped by a cheerful crowd. Enjoying dust baths. Amid human passers-by. Busy in their thoughts. Without a single blink... Different worlds...

Cambridge: Stopped by a cheerful crowd

21 August 2017

On Solar Eclipse Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Solar Eclipse Day. Partial Eclipse Here... Three months ago: Thinking of going for the Total. We choose Grand Teton National Park. All booked... already. Stratospheric prices. The Park expects CROWDS. Some roads may be closed... Do I want to be a part of highly-priced, screaming, clapping parade?... I wish to see Nature being SURPRISED. We, humans, cannot get SURPRISED. The science makes sure we don't... Maybe I can still be surprised. Just a BIT... Passing clouds between US...

Fells: 13:33 EDT - Just on time

Fells: Maybe I can still be surprised

Fells: 14:43 EDT - Half way over

Fells: 15:54 EDT - Passing clouds between Us

16 August 2017

From Black's Nook Sketchbook

Black's Nook, Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Once a part of Fresh Pond. Now separate and secluded. With the Life of its own. I love to come Here. Just Stand and Watch... Today, we have a company.

Black's Nook: Today, we have a company

Black's Nook: Watching

Black's Nook: Straight across

Black's Nook: Slightly to the right

Black's Nook: And the Flower. Over there.

11 August 2017

Flowering in August

Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Surrounded by flowers. Unalike in colors and forms. Wish to be different. Yet so harmonious together... Meandering butterfly. Flowers in the way. Coloring our paths.

Fresh Pond: Flowering in August

Fresh Pond: Wish to be different. Yet so harmonious together.

Fresh Pond: Cheery Morning

Fresh Pond: With Character

Fresh Pond: Observant flyers

Fresh Pond: Upward

Fresh Pond: Finds the Way

Fresh Pond: Vanessa and her Flower

Fresh Pond: Coloring our Paths

Fresh Pond: They Love to be Here