16 January 2017

Black Sand Comes and Goes

Honomalino Beach, Honomalino Bay, Hawai'i aka Big Island

On our way to visit the Beach some call Black Sand, others Gray Sand. Or Black-and-White. How about Multi Color? Hawaiian black sand beaches are born in explosive encounters between the lava and the ocean. Once the volcano dies out, black sand slowly disappears. Taken away by the ocean. Do mixed sands of Honomalino wave good-bye to black sand?

Honomalino: To the Beach. Noni leaves and fruits. Tropics Touch.

Honomalino: Queen of the Night. Unattended. Creates her own world.

Honomalino: On Her way to the Beach

Honomalino: There. Grayish Tints.

Honomalino: Here. Bluish Tints.

Honomalino: Multi Color

Honomalino: Arriving

Honomalino: Diffusing

Honomalino: Human Shelter. Twists and Turns. Belongs to Palms.

Honomalino: From the Ocean

Honomalino: Coming and Going

Honomalino: Uncertain Borderline

Honomalino: Between the Sand and the Ocean

Honomalino: Aloha!

Honomalino: Kiawe Green. Uplifts dark lava.

Honomalino: Life

Honomalino: Just Be Careful!