14 April 2017

A Butterfly on Early Spring Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Mourning Cloak is looping in the air. Transmitting the joyful feeling of an early, warm and sunny, spring day. Lands on a near-by log. Capturing the whole attention onto herself. For a Moment. And then flies away.

Fells: Lands on a near-by log

Fells: Capturing the whole attention

Fells: Mimicking artfully

11 April 2017

Not so Easy Here

Mink Lake Trail, Olympic National Park

These Fallen Trees! Removing them from the trail here is a whole different proposition.

Mink Lake Trail: Unblocked

Mink Lake Trail: A hiker's toolkit won't do here

Mink Lake Trail: Done! Passable!

Mink Lake Trail: Who is the bypasser?

08 April 2017

With a Little Help...

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

This fallen tree has been blocking the trail for over a month. Nobody from the DCR crew seems to be passing by. Everybody is using a self-made bypass. Looking each day more and more as an official trail. And something about that does not feel right...? Pjer always carries a hiker's toolkit with all the useful and other tools. He has it ALL. Shall we do it? Need I ask? He is working. I am photoing. Cut. Remove. Cut. Remove... DONE! Passable! Plants can now recover what belongs to them.

Fells: Blocked Trail. Shall we do it? Need I ask?

Fells: Removing

Fells: Cutting

Fells: Removing

Fells: Cutting

Fells: Done! Passable!

04 April 2017

First Sign of Spring

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Fells is drowned in water. Vernal Pools popping around. The Trails are streaming. Gurgling Choruses permeate the space. The snow is melting. First Sign of Spring.

Fells: Melting

Fells: Soaking

Fells: Streaming

Fells: Cascading

Fells: Gliding

Fells: Dripping

Fells: Overflowing

Fells: Floating

Fells: Meditating

Fells: Detouring

Fells: The trail. First sign of Spring.