08 December 2017


Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

Cool Late-Autumn day. Cloud exhibits up the Sky. Dry leaves all around. The Colors. The Sounds. All Leaves... Trees are ready for the winter. Not much green remains. Excepting vigorous mosses... Mosses do not care about seasons. All they care about is moisture. Any moist day will turn them green. Bringing liveliness into the sleepy forest... Not ALL else might be asleep. Sometimes, the life comes about unannounced...

Fells: Late Autumn

Fells: With Rocks

Fells: And Mosses

Fells: Cloud exhibits up the Sky

Fells: Not All is asleep

Fells: Unannounced

Fells: With Vigor

Fells: And Pride

Fells: Probing the trunk. Not sure how the Lichen feels about.

Fells: And the Sun. Always Here.