14 December 2017

In Fantasy World

Lincoln Conservation Land, Concord Conservation Land, Massachusetts

Snow has been falling all night... The Time to come see Nature... Delicate shapes. Undulating and combining. Creating passages. Sparkling in Whiteness... Passing through This World. Composed by Snowflakes. Falling to just the right places... Is it Real? Or a Fantasy? Dissolving behind my steps...

Lincoln: Parallel Tracks. Going.

Lincoln: The Time to come see Nature

Lincoln: In the Moments

Lincoln: When Branches appear alive

Lincoln: And Snowflakes build their Castles

Lincoln: Dressing-up Some

Lincoln: Blown to mist by Others

Lincoln: Texturing the Grassland

Lincoln: In winter attire

Lincoln: Closer to the Moon

Lincoln: And flowering
Lincoln: Sparkling. Descending in shades of magic.
Lincoln: White in Blue

Lincoln: Master Builders

Lincoln: Lichen does not seem to mind

Lincoln: Nor does the Pine

Lincoln: But this Human cares

Lincoln: Bouncing into the Air. Vivacious laughter.

Lincoln: And Free!