27 October 2017

Among Boulders

Kane Path, Acadia National Park

Hop, Hop. Step Up. And Down. Feels like a Play. Granite on the right. And on the left. And just in front. Around the Corner. All Boulders... How did they come Here? Geologists tell us the story. These Boulders are break away parts of cliffs. The cliffs that rise high above The Tarn. And have been exposed to harsh weathering. At some point in their past, they fractured. Letting pieces of their bodies tumble down... Crashing. Pushing. Bumping on others already there. And, in the process, creating the Place... Where cedars, spruces, mosses, ferns, lichens... in holes, cracks, nooks... squeezed, secluded, shadowed... find perfect spaces to thrive...

Kane Path: Granite on the right. And on the left.

Kane Path: Crashing from the Above

Kane Path: Secluded with sunlight

Kane Path: Spruces know them well. Edging The Tarn together.

Kane Path: The Tarn. Floating autumn colors.

Kane Path: Exploring the Grassland? Oh No, I know each blade.
Kane Path: Cedar lacework. Makes me Stop. Like an Old Friend.

Kane Path: Granite Common

Kane Path: Narrow

Kane Path: What Boulders regard as a Path

Kane Path: And look where They stand!

Kane Path: Over there. Lichens live their Art.

Kane Path: Hey, We are Here as well

Kane Path: And You too, still about

Kane Path: It is Rocky. Still...

Kane Path: Yes, it is Rocky. Still...