17 October 2017

Hiking Champlain Mountain

North Ridge and South Ridge, Champlain Mountain, Acadia National Park

Morning sunlight. On the ascend. Needles and cones. Becoming sparser. Glowing granite surfaces. Leading to the summit. Here, winds decide who lives. Pines keep themselves low. Rosy rocks are home to colonies of lichens. The artists living off of the sun and air... Red squirrels sliding. Now and then stopping. With inquisitive looks. Their bird-like chirps make me smile... And winding Butterflies perfect this colorful world... Up in the air, Vultures gliding on the wind. Looking at me. I wave my hand. What a spectacle!... And then these Views... Timeless...

Champlain: On the ascend

Champlain: These Moments...

Champlain: Attached to Lichens

Champlain: Here, winds decide who lives

Champlain: Keeping themselves low

Champlain: Granite shields

Champlain: Perfecting this colorful world

Champlain: Lichens. Up close and personal.

Champlain: Rosy Granite. And the Sun. This is my Home.

Champlain: Living off of the Sun and Air

Champlain: Winding around pine lanes

Champlain: And Up in the Air

Champlain: With inquisitive look

Champlain: Timeless...

Champlain: When views become a part of life
Champlain: The Bowl. A remnant of icy past.

Champlain: On the descent

Champlain: The Leaves become visible

Champlain: Rosy path dives pass cairns

Champlain: Closer to the Bowl. And the Ocean behind.

Champlain: In downhill stride

Champlain: Reaching the Autumn

Champlain: On the trail

Champlain: After the lunch

Champlain: Preparing for the Winter