12 May 2017

Native Alien

Ahinahina, Haleakala National Park, Maui

Metallic Arrowy Being. Descended from the Outer Space onto the lava sands of Haleakala. This is my first impression of Ahinahina. A close cousin of Ahinahina from Mauna Kea. Shares the same Name. And similar Life Story. She came to these volcanic grounds when there were very few others around. The extremes of sun, cold, and thirst shaped her un-Earthly form. And they made Her the Ultimate Survivor... until the humans came with their menagerie of serial killers. Pushing Her to the brink of extinction. Today, these same humans are coming to her rescue. NO MORE grazing. The grazers have been evicted from the Park. NO MORE kicking, collecting, touching. Clean up your acts! Otherwise, heavy fines will follow. WHAT A THREAT! We humans still DO NOT GET IT! Do we?

Ahinahina: Descended from the Outer Space

Ahinahina: Ready for flowering. Only Once in My Lifetime.

Ahinahina: Flowers advancing. Bursting with colors.

Ahinahina: In full bloom. I am pretty tall. Almost your height.

Ahinahina: This is My Home