18 February 2017

The NEXT Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

The Storm has passed. The Sun is up. Blue Sky. Cold enough. Fluffy Snow. Hidden Trails. On our Way. Steps into the White. So Gentle. So Fragile. The World I love to see. And leave untouched.

Fells: Fluffy Snow

Fells: On our Way

Fells: Some walking. Some spinning.

Fells: Swirly wind caught in the snow?

Fells: Snowflake Castles. In firm hold of pine needle whorls.

Fells: Little Pine. We know each other well. Just checking on Her.

Fells: How do I cross to the other side?

Fells: This should be the trail?

Fells: Leaving the footprints behind

Fells: Human Trail. Bulldozing through.

Fells: Heavy load. Coping skills come handy.

Fells: Baby pines seem to enjoy this hide-and-seek game

Fells: If only I could step over without touching It. Like a Sage.

Fells: We humans are a part of It. After All. And the Sun behind.

15 February 2017


Fresh Pond, Cambridge, Massachusetts

It is snowing. Today's Warning: STAY AT HOME! Have we humans lost the ability to live on this Planet? I wish to be with the Winter. And I do not mind a slip.

Fresh Pond: Transgression? Silence.

Fresh Pond: Caught in It? Or a Part of It.

Fresh Pond: Snow on their backs. They do not seem to mind.

Fresh Pond: I do not mind either. Different dress code.

Fresh Pond: Swept into It. Waiting.

Fresh Pond: Blurred by It. Standing.

Fresh Pond: Trees. A Script on white page.

Fresh Pond: All Here

12 February 2017

Winter comes with a BANG

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Did She hear my Cries? Of course, the science tells us a different story. With numbers, formulas, analysis... all the necessary tools to get to the Truth. Is it the Truth? Does it matter? Not to me. I rather stick with my Story. It makes me FLY.

Cambridge: Tough Road ahead

Cambridge: Flying Snowflakes

Cambridge: White. Quiet. Soft.

Cambridge: Night-light Impressions

08 February 2017

A Day for Swimming

Mauna Kea Beach, Hawai'i aka Big Island

Gently stepping into the water. Splashing around my feet. With each step, the ocean gets closer. Until the moment I throw myself into. And I am with the ocean. Carrying me around. Looking down through turquoise. Reflective shadows on the sand. Dancing in the rhythm of the ocean. Sprinkles land on my face. Playing with the ball. Lolling on the water. Alan Watts's words come alive: 
You swim to experience the water rippling past you, and to enjoy the floating sensation when you lie on your back and look at the blue sky and the birds circling about. Every moment of it you are simply absorbed in this ripply, luminous world, looking at the patterns and the shifting net of sunlight underneath and the sand way down below - that's what swimming is about.
ALAN WATTS, Still the Mind

Mauna Kea Beach: A Day for Swimming

Mauna Kea Beach: Gently stepping. Ripples on the Sand.

Mauna Kea Beach: In the Rhythm of the Ocean

Mauna Kea Beach: The Ocean gets closer

Mauna Kea Beach: About Time

Mauna Kea Beach: With the Ocean

Mauna Kea Beach: Carrying me around

Mauna Kea Beach: Breaststrokes

Mauna Kea Beach: Playing with the ball

Mauna Kea Beach: Underwater

Mauna Kea Beach: Into the Air

Mauna Kea Beach: Sinking back

Mauna Kea Beach: She has come to see us

Mauna Kea Beach: Dancing Shadows

Mauna Kea Beach: The Sand joins Dance

Mauna Kea Beach: Combed by the Ocean

Mauna Kea Beach: Living in between

Mauna Kea Beach: Left Alone

02 February 2017

Remembering the Real Winter

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Looking through the two-year old pictures. AHA! This is how the Real Winter looks like. Smiling.

Cambridge: The Real Winter