18 February 2017

The NEXT Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

The Storm has passed. The Sun is up. Blue Sky. Fluffy Snow. Hidden Trails. On our Way. Steps into the White. So Gentle. So Fragile. The World I love to see. And leave untouched.

Fells: Fluffy Snow

Fells: On our Way

Fells: Some walking. Some spinning.

Fells: Swirly wind caught in the snow?

Fells: Snowflake Castles. In firm hold of pine needle whorls.

Fells: Little Pine. We know each other well. Just checking on Her.

Fells: How do I cross to the other side?

Fells: This should be the trail?

Fells: Leaving the footprints behind

Fells: Human Trail. Bulldozing through.

Fells: Heavy load. Coping skills come handy.

Fells: Baby pines seem to enjoy this hide-and-seek game

Fells: If only I could step over without touching It. Like a Sage.

Fells: We humans are a part of It. After All. And the Sun behind.