22 July 2017

On a Hot Day

Fells Reservation, Massachusetts

It is Hot today. Close to 35°C (95° F). Tree crowns shadow from the Sun. Leaves fanning the Air around. How noble do I feel in the forest... Recalling my recent Whole Foods exchange with Haiti-born Moise: It is Hot today. He nods. You are well used to it, aren't you? He looks at me: Yes... But in Haiti, you sit under a tree. Here, it is all cement. I smile. How TRUE... Along the Path. Heat dissipates. In the shadows. And swirling breeze.

Fells: Today, the Sky is the Stage

Fells: Through Shadowy Tunnel

Fells: Following the Rocky Uphill

Fells: Into the Sky. Feel the Breeze.

Fells: Nature Assignment?

Fells: Kaleidoscopic Playtime

Fells: Water in Green

Fells: Falling

Fells: Climbing

Fells: On Her Way

Fells: Enveloped in Leaves

Fells: And on the Rocks

Fells: Under Princely Sunshade

Fells: Boston in distance. Moise's words come to mind.