07 June 2016

On the Edge

Nu’alolo Trail, Kōkeʻe State Park, Kauai

On the Descent of Nu’alolo Trail. Toward Nāpali Coast. Koa Trees are smiling. TRUE Hawaiians! Dusty RED around my boots. Must be slippery when wet. Long Views in sight. And then the RIDGE! My Fear of Heights awakens. Pjer says GO. And I GO. Slowly moving, stopping, moving… I am on the Edge. Nāpali in all its Majesty. Boundless BLUE of the Ocean.

Nu’alolo Trail: On the Descent. Toward Nāpali Coast.

Nu’alolo Trail: Koa Trees smiling. True Hawaiians!

Nu’alolo Trail: Dusty Red. Must be Slippery when Wet.

Nu’alolo Trail: Long Views in Sight

Nu’alolo Trail: The Ridge. My Fear of Heights awakens.

Nu’alolo Trail: Pjer says Go. And I Go.

Nu’alolo Trail: On the Edge. Playing It safe.

Nāpali Coast: Undulating in concert with the Ocean

Nāpali Coast: Boundless Blue

Nu’alolo Trail: On the Way back

Nu’alolo Trail: The Rain Lives On