01 April 2016

Above the Clouds

Hawai’i aka Big Island

On the slopes of Mauna Kea. The day is slowly coming to a close. The clouds are below. I am hovering above.

Hawai’i: Mauna Loa. Embraced by the Clouds.

Hawai’i: Hovering Above

Hawai’i: Old Mauna Kea vent is below. How peaceful !

Hawai’i: Pu’u Kole. Hill of Red Earth. Still in Flames.

Hawai’i: Mauna Loa. Floating on the Clouds.

Hawai’i: The Slopes of Mauna Kea. Diving into the Twilight.

Hawai’i: Until we meet again

Hawai’i: Leaving the Traces behind