14 March 2016

Where IT all began

Loowit aka Mount St. Helens

33 years AFTER. Reshaping OUTSIDE from the INSIDE. In a catastrophic eruption. All over again.

Loowit: Unyielding and detached. The clouds are there for a reason.

Loowit: Looking. In Wonder.

Loowit: A big chunk of her body is missing. Now ALL around.

Loowit: Brushing off, filling in, reshaping IT

Loowit: Spirit Lake reborn. Floating remnants of the forest.

Loowit: Dotted with trees. Growing again. New forest is being born.

Loowit: Coldwater Lake is here for the first time

Loowit: The Newcomer is Welcomed by Life

Loowit: Trees give way. Only to return back.